Wild and Feral Food Week

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Now in its third year, Wild and Feral Food Week (WFFW) seeks to highlight the gastronomic potential of wild foods that otherwise might go un-eaten in order to reduce food and water waste, promote biodiversity, create a supply chain and market for wild and feral foods, and increase farm revenue. See my post, Wanting the Unwanted: Why Eat Weeds for more information on the benefits of wild and feral ingredients.

Throughout WFFW, which this year falls April 16-22 (coinciding with Earth Week), participating restaurants and cafes feature wild and feral ingredients on their menus, either foraged or harvested “between the rows” from farms. The event is organized by Berkeley Open Source Food, an organization of which I am Co-Investigator that seeks to promote wild foods through research, education, and distribution. We are delighted that participation this year spans beyond California and even the U.S. with events in Northern and Southern California (including my Hygge Porridge pop-up that kicks of WFFW on 4/16), Portland, New York, Philadelphia, and Scotland. We also have an exciting variety of participating suppliers, from commercial to community gardens and foragers. 

We hope that we’ll see you out there enjoying and appreciating wild and feral foods at an event in your area – if there is not en event in your area, next year we’ll hope to make it happen!

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